5 Favourites Friday

Hi Lovelies:)

TGIF yay its almost weekend, I hope you all have a great time this weekend around your loved ones. Hope you enjoy this post and see you next week:IMG_9456.JPG

1.  You guys can tell from my previous post that I am head over heels about this brand,from my previous post read here. I have read so many reviews online about how great Shea Moisture products really are and I had to experience it for myself, I bought the Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style cream and I can get enough of it, It moisturises my hair so well, give them curls bounce, make it shiny and best of all none of that frizz. This is my second bottle and I am definitely ordering some more. It retails for about $10in the states roughly R100.


2.  This lip balm has kept my lips in tip top condition during the colder days, I love that it really hydrates and conditions the lips for nice soft, chapped free looking lips. Once you apply you get a tingly sensation due to the menthol in it which I particularly love, the shine it provides is incredible, I love to apply at night before sleeping for extra conditioning and softness. Blistex retails for R65.


3.  You know that I have combination skin right, basically dry on the cheeks área and oily on the T-zone and due to that I cant help but looking like a vetkoek somewhere along the day and thanks to the Cettua Oil Control Tissue a single swipe is all I need and I am good to go. The tissue blots away excess oil without removing makeup and leaving the skin refreshed. They retail at clicks for about R35.


4. I am addicted to this All-Bran Biscuits from Kellogg´s. I have been savouring this in between meals  lately, the apple flavour is just so yummy and its bran so I am getting my daily intake of fibers and my tum tum feels great. You guys should definitely try it out. Available at Italian/Portuguese superettes.


5. Last I have my TBS Shea Body Scrub, about once or twice a month a love to apply this scrub onto my dry body before I hope in the shower. I love the fact that this scrub has two functions being that it gently scrubs the skin and secondly once you rinse it, it leaves a thin filmy residue that is not sticky at all just very moisturising. It smells good, more of a natural smell that can go by unnoticed and doesnt interfere with any other fragrance that you apply afterwards.One tip I love using this scrub in between armpit waxes to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. I give this scrub thumbs up and you can get it online or in stores for R130.

What are you guys loving this friday?Do you like this kind of posts? Let me know in the comments section, I love interacting with you..

Happy friday my gorgeous readers.

Telma xx


4 thoughts on “5 Favourites Friday

  1. Please, please follow me I also started not so long ago (actually I’m an infant compared to you) and i also live in SA. So you see we’re made to follow each other’s blogs (through email and wordpress). Thank you.


    • thanks for the follow babes, I followed back too..blogging should come naturally seems hard at first but soon you will get the hang of things..Welcome and keep coming back ok!


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