Review on Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil

Hey Glammedies!

Here I am for a review on Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil.. Well to give you guys a bit of history on my hair, I am curly head [finally I learned to love my spirals (:] and every curly head out there knows just how dry our hair can be, Phew and my hair for some odd reason is probably the driest hair on this planet.

I have gone from conditioner to conditioner, I tend to keep my shampoo process to once in two weeks just to manage the dryness, I will instead cowash (Conditioner Wash) and when I eventually shampoo I will use a Sulfate free Shampoo so that my hair does not get totally stripped.

Back to the subject in order for my hair to stay moisturised I need to do lots of oil treatments which I have tried millions of lol until last week I went into Style Studio @ canal walk and asked the shop assistant for an extreme moisturiser for dry dry curls, she brought a couple of treatments and masks but Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil caught my attention because it contains Argan Oil, now this oil has been making headlines all over the world and if you go on Youtube for hair tutorials its mentioned accross many hair channel and all of them with positive reviews and that had me completely sold..

The packaging is beautiful to the Eye, gold shimmery liquid inside and has a pump which I love because its easy to pump it onto the hands and apply to the hair.image

The product description says:Protective Treatment is a versatile serum infused with Moringa Oil Blend. This ultimate potion gives hair instant shine, nourishment and control.


  • Weightless conditioning and shine
  • Controls frizz for manageability
  • Recyclable bottle

7 Different Uses:

  • Mix with your shampoo and conditioner for maximum brilliance
  • Use for a massage before shampooing like an oil for a special treatment
  • Smooth on dry lengths and ends for immediate luster
  • Use on face-framing pieces for simple control and manageability
  • Leave on extra-dry ends overnight for a non-greasy treatment
  • Ultimate styling aid for blow dryer or flat iron
  • Add to any treatment for added brilliance, softness and manageability

My Review: I could agree more with the above statements this oil has given my hair that vuma and I am totally obsessed with the softness and silkiness to the touch, I am constantly running my fingers through my hair. I highly recommend for added shine and softness, its suitable for all hair types and oh ya its smells really great, I am sure we all love compliments on how lovely our hair smells hey ladies???

Cons: Aside from the price it cost me R190 for a 92ml container which to me is a little pricey but you dont need to use alot, a little goes a long way and it can last alot longer! I give this thumbs up, love love love it . Give it a try 🙂

Thanks a bunch for stopping buy..

Hugs and kisses



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