Products I Wish Were Available in South Africa- HairCare

Hi my gorgeous readers:)

We are well into August and I am feeling like not all that supposed to be lived has enough time to do so, I mean time is just escaping right before our eyes… We are like a blink of the eye away from new years eve.. WTH.. anyway you guys know that I have natural curly hair and that I love trying out all types of curly hair friendly products but there is a little problem I find that the best products are not available to us in South Africa or Africa in general why though?? Then I also see that whatever brand we have available is probably the old reject because when I do my research I see that America or the Uk have a total different line of the same products on their shelves like the “newest collection“ but why? why the disadvantage? and its not just haircare products its every product specially beauty products. Can all the brands please invest more in Africa and please bring all your Gucci stuff along with you.. Pretty please??? Because the only way we can enjoy these nicest products is by paying hefty shipping costs and its not fair compared to how cheap they really cost in the states or UK…

With that being said take a look at the hair care products I wish we had in South Africa:



Reduces frizz, smoothes and adds curl definition to thick, curly hair. Helps restore moisture, body and shine for healthy, bouncy curls. Coconut Oil – Hydrates and protects hair while reducing breakage. Silk Protein – Smoothes hair for a soft silky feel. Neem Oil – Controls frizz while adding brilliant shine. I was fortunate enough to try the Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioning Curl and Style Milk and its the best conditioning cream my hair has had in its existence and to have the whole line available here would just be the cherry on the cake. What draws me more to this line is the fact that it contains no sulfates, parabens, and mineral oil. Its an  organic and natural brand.



Carol’s Daughter is a line of beauty products, including products for hair, body, and face care, as well as fragrances. The reviews on this line are just amazing, the products really look attractive just looking at the packaging and the writtings on them just show that your hair is in for a massive pampering deal. With such catchy names for the products I can imagine eating it all up lol.



Ok I love this brand so much, I got a couple of products sent to me from the states and I am super impressed. its not expensive and the products are simple amazing. They smell amazing, the products line that I fancy the most is the HE Longterm Relationship which is supposed to cater for those with longer tresses and wow wow wow. Their conditioners are nice and thick and leave the hair smelling good for days. I also love their mask too. How I wish their were available at clicks or dischem just to ease our envy lol



Another inexpensive hair care line is the Garnier Fructis. We get their hair color kits in SA, but why not the hair care line to baby our hair with?? I particularly love the Hydra Recharge range because I have really dry hair and fortunately I bought their Moisture Whip Leave In Conditioner and my curls just look so defined and soft when I use it. Really would love if Garnier brought the hair care line over here.


macadamia line

Again here I had the pleasure of trying this amazing brand, I bought the Macadamia mask just to give it a try and fell in love with just the smell when I went to pick it up from the post office and I would love to just try all of the other products.This is a semi natural brand that foucuses on focused on healing and beautifying problem hair. You can compare it to the Marrocan Oil line that we have available here but by far better.


Miss Jessies

Last but not least Miss Jessies Curls, gosh I like dream of these products, You tube videos have me swooning, I can wait to try any of their amazing puddings yes hair puddings I can only imagine what they can do to be able to have manageable hair.. Find ut more about this brand here.

Have you used any of these products? Whats your favourite?





11 thoughts on “Products I Wish Were Available in South Africa- HairCare

  1. Shea Moisture is the best! It is the only thing I use for my hair and have been for the past 2 years. It is actually hard to find it in Toronto too and when you do it’s quite expensive but so worth it. I used to try different stuff for curls all the time but Shea Moisture is really the best out of everything I tried. I think i wrote so much about it on my blog my readers are annoyed lol


    • I agree with you 100% Nina. I too have tried lots of products for my curls and nothing makes my hair feel as great as Shea Moisture and mind you I have only tried the Curl and Style milk lol now I want the whole kit. thanx for commenting hun..xx


  2. Omg I love Shea Moisture ! It is my hair savior! They sell it at a Walgreens here & also a little kit of sample sizes of all the stuff for about $30, I think they should sell it everywhere :/. I wish everyone could experience it or there was a way we can make them sell it worldwide haha


    • Wow the sample sounds amazing. I wish that they do try and reach our shores pretty soon Shea Moisture is amaaaazing!! thanx for the comment love..xx


  3. Miss Jessie’s is soooooo expensive.
    When I was in SA, i always wish we had Herbal Essence. I use to purchase like 4 bottles when I first came to the states and take it back with me. But now I dont even use it hahahaha now that I am here.
    I love Shea Moisture 🙂 I love when they have buy one, get one free.
    But you right Africa needs more products for girls with curly hair.


    • Steph lovie, I was surprised to learn that Angola has Shea Moisture, Eco Styler Gel, Herbal Essences, Suave, Vo5 Moisture milks, Fantasia I lot of other brands, but angolans travel alot and bring stuff over to make money… In south africa they even discontinued that old vo5 formulas:( but at least we have Organix here lol they must just keep them coming 😀


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