First Impressions: Electronic Microdermabrasion Kit


Electronic Microdermabration Wand


Close up of the Exfoliation brush

Face brushes are so the big thing right now. They provide deeper cleanse then the conventional face washing but come with a hefty price tag that makes consumers just keep the Clinique Sonic System (R1000 +) and many other face brushes on a wishlist forever. I for once am really hoping a can get my hands on the much cheaper brush the Olay Regenerist Face Brush and Exfoliator (R250+) but until then I spotted the DQUIP Electronic Microdermabrasion Kit/R70 and I am so far impressed to say the least.

This small compact battery operated wand is designed to remove superficial dead skin cells and to provide a deeper cleanse that regenerates and reenergizes the skin with its vibration/exfoliation system. The system includes:


L to R: Contour massager, Energizer face toner, Smoothing face toner, Cleansing sponge

  • Cleaning Sponge

Use as a moisturising or pre-wash system to remove makeup or apply cream.

  • Exfoliation brush

Deep cleansing action to gently exfoliate the face and neck

  • Energizer face toner

Use with favourite cream to stimulate tired muscles. A great way to massage key pressure points.

  • Smoothing Face Toner

This unique attachement is designed to give maximum massaging benefits for all parts of the face and nec.

  • Contour Massager

Soft rubber heads designed to fit the contours of the face for a revitalizing deep facial massage.

I like to use this wand on the weekends when I really want to give my face a squeaky cleanse, it makes my skin so fresh and ready for moisturisation. The massager parts are really great too, for that radient, awake  and energised look they are worth the try!

At a fraction of the price I would say that the want does a pretty good job! I recommend to anyone that cannot afford the pricier one but want to enjoy the benefits of a brush cleasing system, totally worth it!

Do any of you use face brushes? How has it changed your skins condition? Drop me a comment I would love to read your experiences…

T xx


11 thoughts on “First Impressions: Electronic Microdermabrasion Kit

  1. Hi, just bought the microdermabrasion kit at dis chem. It doesn’t come with a step by step instruction so can you help please? For example, do I sqeeze some cleansing lotion onto the cleaning sponge before use? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


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