Skin care routine 2015 -Breakouts

Hello dears

Last year I had the worst trying times when it came to my skin, I started having heavy and painful breakouts that just got worse by the day. I literally had twenty million white headed pimples every single morning, each new pimple more painful than the other… To me it was just horrible, just as if teenage acne striking all over again 😦 ! I decided to buy over the counter pills to clear my skin (think roacutane dupes) up instead it only worsened and made me quite depressed!

During my trip to the motherland i came across the recently launched Ponds spot clear even tone multi action facial foam + scrub which I absolutely fell in love with. This light weight slow foaming scrub is creamish in colour and contains microbeads that gently exfoliate dead skin cells away! It’s main target is to fight 10 oil and spot problems which is exactly what my skin was begging for! I love that the foam and scrub does not leave my skin feeling dry and saggy but really clean and ready to kick start the day.

Ponds spot clear even tone facial foam+scrub

To restore the lost moisture I paired the Bioderma sebium mat moisturising mattifying fluid which is my super holygrail beauty product because nothing has worked for my oiliness issues like this fluid does, again it’s a lightweight fluid that instantly mattes the skin without leaving a sticky feel to it, it smells so fresh and it’s worth every scent spent on it. To tackle the spots I got the Essence anti-spot moisturising cream that I use sparingly when I want to alternate between the Bioderma fluid again this is a really nice lotion that is meant to reduce and prevent new breakouts and I have seen noticeable results in my skins condition over the last two month of using it. The healed breakouts have left their scars behind and Bioderma again had a solution for me the bioderma photoderm spot protecting cream with SPF50 for damaged skin and preventative anti-mark effect which I apply every morning to protect against UVA/UVB sun rays to help diminish dark spots.IMG_1298[1]

To maintain the skins moisture levels I use the Dirty Works Rose and glow moisture mask once or twice weekly to replenish the skin, I leave in on for 10 minutes until it dries and then wash it off with Luke warm water, really love this stuff (I am such a fan of dirty works).IMG_1300[1]

For on the go spot busters I got the Essence anti-spot gel that fights spots and reduces post spot marks and the Benzac AC 5 gel which is a stronger formula that contains benzoyl peroxide which are both meant to be applied to the affected areas as requested. They both work well and I alternated between the two using morning and evening.


No skin care is complete without a night cream right?? IQ vitabalance night cream is absolutely fab enriched with multi-vitaE and anti-oxidant protection designed to work at night when moisture levels are low and skin is repairing damage sustained during the day.


Last but not least the Body Shop vitamin C energizing face spritz is the perfect pick -me-up to refresh and smooth the skin while giving you that awake vibrant look, great for use on the go or to set makeup. I ideally use it to freshen up and boost radiance.IMG_1299[1]

Hope that you have enjoyed this post! I will keep you post on the progress of my skin´s condition;) What are your go to breakout busters? Do you use any of the above products? What are your current skin regimens?

Thanks for stopping by xxx


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