Countdown to our vacay (♥Cape Town)

Hi lovelies


Table Mountain (the beauty queen)


I am beyond excited that next month I will be going to cape Town for summer holidays yaaayyyyy seriously guys most of you know my mad love for the mothercity, I  spent a Whole ten years there, got married, had my two daughterjies there ( milnerton mediclinic and blauberg hospital). Have some of the very fond memories of my life there and I literally cannot wait to go and breathe Cape Town air, touch the soil and flippen have thee best holiday weeks ever.

I have  decided to travel the world and have a ball from my 30 years onwards, but before that happens Cape Town is at the top of my list and thereafter it’s the world babieeeeee!

So ya earlier this year we moved to Angola for better working opportunity, the country itself isn’t so well developed or anything compared to the mothercity but in the corporate side of things you can make some unbelievable cash money, most of it not worth the amount of stress you face commuting from home to work and vice-versa alas two or three months of saving get you living like a BOSS literally anywhere in the world!

Hence my quote “first cape Town then the WORLD”😃

Tickets are bought, still need to pack and until the day arrives here are some amazing shots of the iconic Cape Town to keep my buzz fizzing up:


* I do not take credit for any of this pics. Source: google images. Table Mountain Cable Car


Crystal Towers Bridge


Sunset, Green point Stadium


Camps Bay main road


Canal Walk Mall


Muizenberg Beach

What are the most amazing cities you have been too? Have you visited Cape Town?

Keep watching the blog for updates of the travel diaries.

Totes excited. xxx


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