IMG_0237[1]Hey Lovelies,

Today I am sporting this amazing nail polish that I had sitting around in my nail polish stash and I am really loving it. PAUI SHELL is exactly that if you look inside the shell to decipher the actually shade you get confused, is it brown, is it grey, is it lilac? I like that its so versatile kinda brightens up your day by seeing how many colors you can see in one.


Tip Top Nail Chic polishes are really of an amazing quality, takes a while before you notice any chips and what I love the most is the face that  they are vitamin E enriched and completely free from  formaldehyde, dibutylphthalate, camphor and toluene.

One coat is generally enough for their other denser polishes but for the Paui Shell being so sheery I found that two coats did the trick, I then added a coat of Revlons top coat and there you have it.

The only flop though is the fact that on some nail the polish formed little bubbles and I wonder why (does anyone know?)… but the color payoff is amazing.


Tip Top nail Salon quality and longlasting nail polishes only cost R39.99 at Clicks.

Have you tried this line of polishes? what are your favorites? I have three other shades and I absolutely want more!

Happy Monday





  1. I had that bubbling up on my nail polish a couple of times and I believe that happens when it’s warm and you apply a too thick coat, so the top dries quickly and the solvent in the liquid polish underneath evaporates but can’t get through tge dry top layer. (sorry, I’m a junior chemist so I tend to elaborate 😉 )

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