Review|L’action Detox Scrub|


Hi everyone!!
If you are a regular here you might have read in my Haul post that my skin is breaking out badly hence the need to detox my skin so I picked up this little scrub pack! The pack comes with two little portions separated with a dotted line across the middle! Inside the content is a green sugary paste, quite thick and with a really subtle sent, kinda smells like citrus fruit.
Active ingredients:
♥ antioxidant-rich Japanese green tea
♥ coconut oil
♥ sugar crystals

So you will detoxify and purify your skin thanks to the active antioxidant properties, the coconut oil intensively nourishes and protects skin while the sugar crystals gently exfoliate skin’s outermost layer.


The paste is easy to apply on the skin but I found it didn’t dissolve as I applied using circular motion, it crumbled off instead of staying on the face, it also sticked into bigger crumbs that where hard to scrub on the skin maybe it crystalized once outside the pack ( idk). I then left it alone for a minute and scrubbed on a little extra and felt my skin soften up, believe that the coconut oil did it’s magic. Rinsed pat dry using a cotton shirt (no more drying towels) my skin felt so smooth to the touch and the pimples have diminished, so I guess I will use up the other half this weekend 😀

For R24.95 per pack it’s really worth minimizing those embarrassing pores and detoxing your skin from environments harsh conditions!

L’action face scrubs come in other variants namely: hydrating scrub, anti aging scrub, energizing scrub and detoxifying scrub so go on and pick the one your skin needs the most!

Available at Clicks.


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