Happy First BLOGI-VERSARY to me


Happy first blog anniversary to meeeeeee! Lol so happy you guys, I cannot show enough by simply writing up a post, I am jumping up and down from happiness! The support I have received along the months has kept me writing up post after post! There were times I wanted to give up but didn’t and certainly won’t thanks to the amazing support I have received along twelve months!

If you have liked, left a comment, shared my posts, followed my blog, read my ramblings, i thank you so so much from the Bottom of my heart!

One year has come along so quickly I learnt a lot and will continue to learn more and more so please do join me and let’s stay together for the next year of happy blogging!

Once again thank u thank u, Y<3u are all amazing💟

Xoxo Telma!!


6 thoughts on “Happy First BLOGI-VERSARY to me

  1. Congratulations on your 1 year blog anniversary, I hope to accomplish some of the same things as you 😊


    • Thank you darling:) I am sure you will, all the best and that you accomplish all your goals. Thanks for the follow and for Reading. xxx


      • You’re welcome Telma:) I wish you a happy holiday too! In regards to the email I think I’m subscribed I will see if I find it in my spam which sometimes can happen if that’s the case I’ll make sure to add your emails to my primary folder. Take Care:))


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