Review: Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Curl Mascara

Hey Lovelies,

Hope its a lovely thursday to you all! ok so I have been loving this mascara right here by essence (yeah I love the brand I admit lol). Basically I feel naked if I dont have mascara on and my brows arent filled in, I have been trying quite a few mascaras in the market, some others by Essence (again) and lately this is my errrday lashes best friend. Get Big Lashes Volume Curl the name is on point here because volume curl is definitely what you get from just one application, mind you that my lashes naturally curl up 🙂 

This mascara does give life to my thin lashes, I find that this mascara tends to clump alot but its not a big deal to me, what I like is that i opens up my eyes and makes my lashes really stand out. The brush applicator thins out towards the tip making it perfect to coat those lashes on the inner eye, adding length and  thickeness <3.

They are also easy to remove, provided you have got a great makeup remover.

At the affordable price of R44.50 this ophtalmologically tested mascara is a must try.


Two coats of mascara! what you you think?

Have you tried Essence Mascaras? Is this one one of them? What mascaras do you love?

Hope you liked this review and thanks for reading!!

Telma xx


8 thoughts on “Review: Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Curl Mascara

  1. i always use essence mascara … used this exact one for the past 3 months and it really does give amazing VOLUME…my colleagues thought that i was wearing false eyelashes lol

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