Review: My Favourite Foundation Brush

Hi gorgeous readers!

I received this foundation brush from Studio Burst back in Jan ( pause people are we in OCT already??? Wow) at an event I attended and it’s literally been thee most awesome brush!

A little background on Studio Burst

BURST is a young and vibrant make-up studio catering for all clients in the fashion and film industry, doing beauty or special effect prosthetics, bridal and special occasions, as well as educational days and workshops. It was founded in 2006 by award-winning make-up artist, LaReine Mulder, who has an intense love for colour and transformation. LaReine is passionate about any form of application in any setting.

This revolutionary foundation brush has a flat top to stipple foundation onto the skin. Foundation can be applied to have a light to heavy coverage. It is made of exceptional quality synthetic hair and can be used with any foundation consistency. To use the brush apply the foundation directly to the brush and apply in stippling and circular movements for a light finish.  For a heavier coverage, apply some foundation directly to the skin, then using stippling movements, create a heavier coverage. You’ll never use another foundation brush again! I know there are far more brushes in the market from different brands but I swear this brush is a staple.

The brush to me resembles the Sigma foundation brush alot, its got a velvety smooth to the touch handle and chrome finishes giving it a real sleek/luxe look and its made of exceptional quality synthetic hair that is super soft and really gentle during application. I like the smooth even results I get from this brush and highly recommend to anyone looking for a good quality foundation brush.

This brush is available at Burst Studio online store and costs R227.

What is your favourite foundation brush or applicator? What are your recommendations? Leave a comment would love to read from you:)

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8 thoughts on “Review: My Favourite Foundation Brush

  1. I absolutely adore these kinds of foundation brushes! I use one every day for my liquid foundation and I recently tried to use a traditional paddle style brush and I could hardly stand it!

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  2. AAAH, I only just started using mine recently too. I use it for powder at the moment (I’m applying Oxygenetix foundation with my fingers) and buffing powder using this brush. I loooove it. Amazing brush. I am definitely buying more Burst brushes when mine start to wear down.


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