(Review) Tresemmé Exilir Hair Oil


Hi Lovelies,

So I have been a little MIA, works is kinda hectic been super busy and I am feeling really exhausted. I moved house again over the weekend and still need to sort the apartment out and finally settle in, and honestly life in its kinda way has kept me away from my lil confort zone aka my blog:) Anyway amidst all this chaos I have found yet another HAIR oil and of course I would not keep it to myself lol.

You know I am cray about about hair oils you can read my previous reviews here and here.

The hair oil trend is taking the market over by the day and hopefulls like me that want gorgeous hair will follow about any trend. So hair oils promise smooth soft bouncy hair and since Tresemmé promises salon quality results on their products I couldnt resist yet another hair oil.

Tresemmé launched two variants one features macadamia oil and babassu oil for all hair types and the other also offers macadamia oil plus grapeseed oil and a ‘UV filter’ for colour treated hair.

The oil can be used on dry or damp hair, I personally have used it as a hot oil treatment as well and really liked the results. The packaging is really pretty with a luxe feel, a glass bottle with a pump dispenser that helps not waste unecessary product. The liquid itself resembling the infamous marrocan oil aka liquid gold is not sticky nor greasy its a great combo of amazing oils that instantly dissolve when rubbed and because its so light it penetrates onto the hairshaft rapdily.This Oil Elixir has a amazing smell you can smell it immediately when pumping onto your hands and as far as moisture, suppleness and shine is concerned I totally agree. My hair stays manageable and bouncy even on third day of use.

The main ingredient is silicone base which is not my a good thing for some of us with curly locks but I would bypass this factor coz the oil is pretty amazing and It doesnt weigh my hair down probably because the oils in it are of great quality and I see my hair agreeing with it really well:)

You can purchase this 100ml oil for R120 at Rubybox and leading stores nation wide and enjoy happy hair days!

Have you used the tresemme elixir oil? what do you think of it? please share any other hair oils that you are crazy about.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and until next post keep well!!



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