{Review} ♥ E.O.S Evolution Of Smooth Lip Balm♥

Hi my Glammed readers:)

I have been wanting to try these Egg shaped little gems for as long as can remember. I asked a friend of mine to send a couple and she got me Summer Fruit (dark pink) and Strawberry Sorbet (baby pink). They have been the most talked about Lip Balms for quite some time around the web world a few celebrities like Myley Cyrus and Kim Kardashion have shared their love for the Eos Spheres and its quite a mission to get them as they are mainly available in the states. So I have got them for some time now fortunately and want to share my thoughts on these little gems.Processed with Moldiv

Firstly the packaging is what grabbed my attention and I believe that thats the reason why everyone seems to love them. The round egg shaped balm is small enough to slip into you bag and because its packaging is really sturdy it wont break inside the bag. The caps twist off to reveal a little bowl with a nice amount of balm super easy to apply and hygienic too and the amount of balm in it will last for months and months.  The consistency of the balm is a little heavy but applies smoothly and colourless and I personally love to use its a lip base before lipstick application in case of drying lipstics.

IMG_9530[1]The EOS 95% organic and 100% natural lip balms contain Shea butter, Vitamin E and Jojaba Oil that aid that in moisturising and hydrating the lips. When I applied it didnt feel as moisturising as it claims to be, but throught the day I noticed that my lips felt extremely soft and hydrated, which was probably due to the lip balms infusing on the lips and having the time to do its conditioning process. I absolutely love the way they smell, the scent is pleaseant on both balms and is quite long lasting too.


I must say that these balms are worth their hype they can be bought online here and are quite inexpensive. Their cuteness is actually growing a sort of addiction on me and I want to try Honeysuckle Honeydew (green), Lemon Drop (yellow) and Passion Fruit (blue) next:) So guys go out there and get yourselves these uniquely bright packaged, organic and creulty free lips balms.

Have you ever tried EOS Lip Balms? What do you think?


9 thoughts on “{Review} ♥ E.O.S Evolution Of Smooth Lip Balm♥

  1. I’ve never tried an eos lip balm because I always thought they were a bit gimmicky but I after reading your review I think I might give them a go. They seem to be a pretty decent product (and I love fruity scents!)


  2. I have been desperately wanting to buy them but it works out quite expensive vs the original price. Also I read stories online that freaked me out about people have bad allergic reactions despite using it for awhile. Would love to still try the strawberry though.


    • I have them for more than a month now and have not noticed any allergic reactions! Do give them a try the strawberry is a great option:) also they are organic and natural. xx


  3. They were really hyped up, but they did nothing for my lips. I had to apply it way to open and ended up drying my lips. I believe in my Nivea that is wayyyy better for my lips. Glad you liked them


  4. I saw the picture on my Reader and thought they were soaps! It just shows it helps to read what a blogger writes rather than just look at the pictures. i’m afraid to even want to try them due to what thecuriousgirlwrites wrote.


  5. I love mine! I got Sweet Mint and Medicated Tangerine. But I do have to admit that Labello Lip Butters and Carmex do a better job on my lips, especially in winter. For summer, EOS is perfect and the scents are great.


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