Olive Oil Skin & Hair Care

Oils are great skin and hair savers specially in winter.

Budget Friendly, Too

I really can’t get enough of this stuff! It’s always my go-to face wash, body wash, moisturiser, hair conditioner and cooking oil (and anything else I might need it for).

Ever since using this oil, my skin is softer, my face is clearer and my hair is so much more manageable! I really, really recommend trying to incorporate this oil into your routine, if you haven’t already tried it!

Olive Oil Face (And Body) Cleansing:
Use just the olive oil: pour some on hands and massage into face for a few minutes, really allowing the oil to sink into the skin (I usually do this in the shower so I can rinse it off easier) and rinse off.
If you need more exfoliation (and for really soft skin), add sugar or sea salt!

You can also use the oil more intensely using the oil-cleansing method; massage the oil into your skin and…

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