DIY #1LUSH Inspired Lip Scrub



Hey lovelies!

So this is my first DIY post and I am super stoked about it because I had never really ventured on a project like that! Well there is a first time for everything right??
So since it’s winter where I live and my lips are taking quite a beat up they are sort of looking rough and dry I decided to make my own lip scrub ( all the way lusting after lush’s lip scrub) using easily accessed goodies from my kitchen cupboards and voila!!


So on a little cup I mixed up the sugar and a 1/4 of the Labello lip balm to a nice batter.


Then I added vitamin E oil to soften up the batter, right after I added 2-3 drops of banana essence for a bit of flavor mixing all the way and then place the mixture inside an empty eye cream container and there you go! My very own lip scrub done so effortlessly and saved quite a penny too! BONUS

20140724-131957-47997924.jpgHummm and the best of all you can lick it lol!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know of your DIY recipes and your fave lip scrubs out there!


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10 thoughts on “DIY #1LUSH Inspired Lip Scrub

  1. Nice so simple! I need to try it but I’m so lazy or rather busy but this is awesome to try on a Sunday where I can take a day off and experiment. Love your posts:)


    • Its always good to see what you make for yourself hey, I just saw a youtube vid on how to make Lush bath bombs. I am itching to try it out LOL


    • Hey Reify, you are so kind and I am so grateful for the nomination, this makes my week that more worth it. One day when I come to Germany I would love to meet you. Which City do you live in? I have been to Frankfurt a few years ago…


      • Oh! That would be amazing! I live near Düsseldorf and Cologne, about 2,5 hours from Frankfurt.


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