15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear Tag

This tag has been looming the blogsphere lately and very fortunately for me Reify tagged me to do it. Her answers are so on point and very funny too ( check her post here)!! Really loved the pictures too.

Excited know about the items I wouldn’t wear? Boy so am I lol!
Here is what’s up my sleeve:

1) GLOW IN THE DARK MAKEUP: these seem to be making a huge buzz around the make up world BUT I don’t think it would suit my style unless I am going to a Carnaval or sumthing!


KNEE HIGH GLADIATOR SANDALS: ok this sandals don’t say much to me, well not this era at list, it might have been big in the emperors days but not in the 21 century #sorrynotsorry


3) THE BOYFRIEND JEANS: I swear with this trend u really tried long and hard to accept it, I fitted a million different kinds and nah I doesn’t work for me. It just doesn’t look good on me:(


4) STILETTO NAILS: I am old fashioned and love my nails either round or squared shaped and love a French manicure on gorgeous square nails! So I pass this to Rihanna, I just ain’t bad girl like that lol


5) LADY GAGA SHOES: my should I even go there! Firstly it’s a no no and secondly hummm no lol


6) FEATHER FALSIES: once again it’s one of those things that look very costumeish, probably great for a masquerade yet a no no. I usually struggle to apply normal falsies now imagine this kind of falsies oh my word.





7) KNEE-HIGH SOCKS: if you not wearing them because you play soccer or sports then please why wear them on a day to day basis, I just don’t like it tho…

8) JELLY HEELS: pretty for children but not on adults, don’t like it on me don’t like it on others either.

20140722-223233-81153262.jpg9) CUT OUT LEGGINGS: need i say more lol

20140722-223305-81185760.jpg10) SIDE SHAVE: Its one of those things looks great on others but I dont think it would suit me.


11) PLATFORM SNEAKERS: this are ugly.IMG_9239[1]

12) LADY TUXEDO: even celebrities struggle to pull this one off, so randoms like us should stay AWAY!IMG_9240[1]

13)HIGH SLITS: WTF??? Slits are kinda sexy but now adays ladies don’t want to leave a little to the imagination, they wanna reveal everthing shm!


14) CAMO: Unless you work for the army its not OK to wear this in public, looks tacky, wannabe just wrong.


15) Last but not least FAKE DESIGNER BAGS: There are a whole variety of gorgeous bags available on the market I would rather wear a no name brand but cute bag over a fake designer bag.


 This post was super fun for me and  I hope you enjoyed it! I tag everyone who’d like to show us what they wouldn’t wear! Let me know in the comments section if you do this tag I would like to see your absolute no nos:)

4 thoughts on “15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear Tag

  1. Ughh platform sneakers and jelly shoes are so not cute. My generation needs to stop wearing them.


  2. I don’t think people actually think, Jellies are pretty. They’d rather go .”I will look so cool with those ugly shoes on”. Isn’t it the same with so many other trends?
    Great post Telma! I agree with you in all points except with the boyfriend jeans (one day I had to wear men’s jeans to do some gardening, I ended up really liking the look of it. It was more luck than anything else 😉 )


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