{Review}Cettua Pore Control Essence Mask

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Hey Lovelies 🙂

Hows Sunday so far? Hope you have all regained those energies to face the new week ahead.. I personally love Sundays to give my skin a break from any sort of makeup and I take the advantage to treat my skin either to a mask, scrub, exfoliation just to give a fresh start for the new week. Today I chose this Cettua Mask Pore Control Mask (R49,99) I received from the Delish Box exchange and let me tell ya’ll this stuff is AH-MAAAA-ZING!!

The Packaging

The masks come in a box of two each in its separate pouch. The colors and writings on the box are super attractive, I love how all the necessary steps of usage are mentioned on the pouch very informative.

The product

Inside the pouch you discover a cotton sheet mask designed to perfectly fit the face leaving opening on the eye, nose and mouth areas and its so moistened on the serum based fluid containing all the goodness that actively moisturises the skin and helps tightens pores through the ingredients tannin and mung bean extract and the also helps control the skin’s oil balance perfect for my combination skin.

Another fabulous point is the fact that it contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties that help leave your skin clean and clear.

My thoughts 

Thanks to Vee I met this amazing product and its a must for my skin care routine. Before using it I followed the instructions according and washed my face, then applied toner once it dried I applied the mask onto my face and let it rest for 25 minutes. The remaining serum from the pack I smearing all over my neck and decolletage and just let the skin absorb.


The masks feels very fresh and is non irritant, the mask stays put on the face and you can go on about your life while the mask is on! After the 25 minutes I removed the mask and slowly in circular motion using my finger tips I rubbed the serum on my skin until it was completely absorbed. My skin felt super soft and radiant very moisturised but not oily or sticky it really had a glow to it, I will keep getting more of this masks they have a variety of masks for different purposes and for the price that they go for its a bargain. A totes favorite:)


The hubby and I lol made me feel that less scary hehe 

Keep watching this space as I have another product from this line that I would like to tell you about and please check out clicks nationwide if you would love to try this amazing mask.

Which masks are you currently using? What do you think of this type of mask on the post? Please leave a comment, I love interacting with all of you…



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