Review: Optiphi Essence 1.618 Aromatic Balm


Hi Lovelies, hope that you all having a great week and yay its almost weekend yay! I have been meaning to write this review much longer ago but hey better late than never.  So I got this beauty inside the infamous #CPTBloggermeet goodie bag that I constantly keep bragging about (if you have read my previous post) along with the Optiphi Moisturising Lotion that I absolutely love and the Refine Foliant that I havent tried yet…


So on to this Optiphi Essence 1.618 Aromatic Balm its a product that does not leave my handbag it goes with me everywhere, its basically a round tin containing a pink sugary scented balm that I normally apply on with my wrists rubbing on the product or you can rub your finger and apply to desired spots.

The Scent is sweet, warm, and just gorgeous if you can say that lol its a pleasant scent, the kind of scent that reminds you of old memories it just has that nostalgia effect heheh you get the drift right. I am in love with this scent and everytime I wear it my hubby asks what it is 🙂

So in a nutshell, this lovely balm is small, easy to open, compact, easy to carry, does not leak and the smell lasts for hours and hours which means no reapplying stress.

I highly recommend this balm.

Find out more about the Classic Optiphi line on their website and stay connected on twitter.

What do you think of solid perfumes? Do you know of other brands that have a solid perfume?






6 thoughts on “Review: Optiphi Essence 1.618 Aromatic Balm

  1. I’ve never tried solid perfumes and to be honest I’ve never even come across one but I’m definitely gonna watch out next time I go shopping. You got me so curious now 🙂


  2. Just saw your instagram and decided to check this out–my first day on wordpress! Anyway, the vanilla one at LUSH is amazing. Smells super natural and lasts forever. I used to work at the flagship LUSH–vanillary is definitely one of the best.


    • Hey Rosie, do let me know of any there ones you find, would love to grow a collection myself lol! Thanks for stopping by;) xxx


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