Mac´Stroke of Midnight´ Brush Kit – Smokey Eye (Review)

IMG_9012[1] Hello Lovelies!

Todays review will be on the MAC brush kit from the 2013 Holiday Collection that I received as a Christmas gift last year:) The Kit design is inspired on the 70s disco retro and I love it. This 6 piece brush kit came in a gorgeous limited-edition Stroke of Midnight black bag emblished in white and gold stripes, the brushes are travel size making it easy to slip in the bag, the bristles are really soft, application with this brushes is super easy and the finish looks absolutely flawless. I am still new on the makeup brushes game, there are lots of brands out there with awesome reviews but from my perpective this brushes are great too, its a great start for a makeup newbie.

The kit consists of:

227 Large Fluff Brush

A large rounded brush tip, looks like a mini powder brush. It has natural bristles and can be used on both the face or eyes (despite being too extreme for it). Use for applying, contouring, blending or highlighting any powder-based product.


214 Short Shader Brush

Short and round with natural bristles. Ideal for eyeshadow application on the whole lid, it simply fits and spreads the eyeshadow really well.


219 Pencil Brush

Really soft white bristles it aches to mess on it lol, this brush has the shape of a pencil and its ideal for blending..



266 Small Angle Brush

It has synthetic bristles and is ideal in creating sharp, precise lines, such as eyeliner folder. And due to its shape I personally use it to shape and fill my eyebrows..


 211 Pointed liner Brush

 It has synthetic bristles and is quite delicate, providing accuracy in the application. Also known as  detail brush, its especially useful to apply close to the lower lashescan also be used for lipstick application..


This sums up what I use in terms of eye makeup brushes, which was a complete surprise when I unwrapped my xmas gifts and I would like to find out from you guys which other brushes do you advice I should get? preferably cheaper and great quality lol (I have been eyeing the ecotools and am in love with my Cala Foundation brush)…

Thanks for



4 thoughts on “Mac´Stroke of Midnight´ Brush Kit – Smokey Eye (Review)

  1. There are two brushes which I believe everyone should have pro or not. I will check the numbers and let you know – both eyeshadow blending brushes but they are the BOMB!! xx


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