Out & About: Grand Café Beach Restaurant

Hi lovelies!!

Todays post dates back to December and its just been holidaying at my drafts box, on a lovely summer day or rather too damn hot day, but I still prefer over cold days. Hubby and I discovered Grand Café at the VA Waterfront and absolutely fell in love. Its a beach café similar to Shimmys Beach Club overlooking the ocean, with tables both indoors and outdoors right on the sand!

Its a lovely place to have sundowners, yummy cocktails on the clock and the menu is mouth watering! We had welcoming wine as we arrived and ordered some canapés and cocktails and simply enjoyed the breeze and the blasting hot sun. Highly recommended 🙂

Cannot simply wait for summer to arrived and to start enjoying some more cocktails!!

Find out more about Grand Café at:

Haul Rd, Cape Town 8002

Granger Bay, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

021 425 0551

Enjoy the photos guys!!

20131214-152234.jpg 20131214-152258.jpg 20131214-152246.jpg 20131214-152313.jpg 20131214-152355.jpg 20131214-152425.jpg 20131214-152456.jpg 20131214-152700.jpg


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