♥Whoooohooo 5000 Views ♥ Thank You

pink thank you_blogHi Lovelies!!

Oh wow Glammed Up Me reached over 5000 views today and I am beyond ecstatic! Its now been 8 complete months since I started blogging and seeing my blog grow in views, likes and followers gives me the greates feeling of gratitude ever.  Seeing views from all parts and corners of this world is so unbelievable, I honestly did not think that i would be seeing the flags of Vietnam, Singapore, USA etc on my views chart,lol.  So without further ado I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for taking some time of your time to check my blog out, to like my posts, to comment and the best of all to follow. My blog is what it is because of all of you, thanks for the support and cheers to many more counts:)

Through Glammed Up Me, I met some of the most amazing people that are so kind and loving and became my friends, and that to me is truly valuable! I learnt so much and keep learning everyday and with all your support I will keep doing what I love and hope that you guys keep loving to!

I am scheduling a Thank you giveaway soon, please keep watching this space!!


Many Thanks



6 thoughts on “♥Whoooohooo 5000 Views ♥ Thank You

  1. Congratulation Telma! Hey! I see you’ve got a new banner going on?! That is SO PRETTY!! Did you get it made or are you simply a multi-talent? 😉


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