Lip Care During Winter

Hi beauties:)

How you all doing? How’s winter survival going? Well it’s basically that time of the year when the sun doesn’t shine much, we all cold and miserable and our skin suffers the most specially on extreme cold conditions! They same with our pouting tool, it tends to get drier, chapped and sore without proper or rather extra care during this time!!
What we want is smooth looking lips, well hydrated and soft for lipstick application right? ( yes of course) than here’s what we can do to achieve just that.


Use a good gentle lip scrub to buff away excess dry skin away, leaving exposed softer lips! You can DIY a lip scrub or buy ready made at the shop, exfoliate at a minimum of once a week, you don’t wanna over exfoliate:)


Lush Cosmetics Lip Scrub Bubblegum retails at R95 at

Alternatively you can do your own scrub using ingredients available from your kitchen cupboards and absolutely natural following this two simple/easy recipes:
Method 1:
Oil and Honey Scrub
1 teaspoon olive oil (or jojoba oil)
1 tablespoon white or brown sugar (finely or coarsely grated)
1 tablespoon honey
1/2 teaspoon petroleum jelly (optional)
Scented oil or spices (optional)

Method 2:
Honey and Sugar Scrub
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon white or brown sugar
Some warm water

After scrubbing it’s important to keep lips hydrated and moisturised at all times! What I love to do is MOISTURISE before bedtime for maximum hydration and every other hour throughout the day! This lip balms promise smooth looking lips and chap free:


Blistex Lip Protectant retails at R62 at Dischem


Eos Lip Balms retails for R40 at


Labello Lip Butter retails at R29 available at all farmacies, Dischem, Clicks, PicknPay, Checkers


Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm for Dry or Chapped Lips retails at R150 available at Truworths

These two steps help me keep my lips in top condition and chap free!

What lip balms do you suggest that are worth the hype? What’s your lip care regimen for winter-peeved lips?

Until next post keep warm and hugs and hot chocolate;)




5 thoughts on “Lip Care During Winter

  1. Aww it’s winter where you live well I hope you’re warm and cozy with the family. Over here we currently have spring weather, and soon summer. So I can’t wait. My favorite lip products for dry lips are the Maybelline Baby Lips, and Nivea lip butter in caramel kiss which I think it’s similar to the labello:) I thank you for sharing the DIY lip scrub i will have to try that soon. Well, I enjoyed reading your post and can’t wait to read more. Have a great week πŸ˜‰


    • Happy spring to you Ivey!! I love baby lips too they will launch their crystal collection soon I am so excited.. Let me know how the lip scrubs come out ok! Thanks for reading once again Ivey, really love every comment from you;) xoxo


    • Hello Cara, Yes its awesome that we share similar favourites. When you order the Eos baby lips let me know about their servisse ok? Happy Friday!xxx


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