{Review} John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

20140524-214156-78116934.jpg Hi Beauties!! Hope this weekend is off to a great start and that you have totes of fun… So guys I have finally started going through my #CPTbloggermeet goodie bag, guys believe me we received so many goodies and will gradually try and review each one of them ( amazing sponsors) I promise I will:/ So today I am reviewing the John Frieda Luxurious Volume shampoo + conditioner! You all know I have super curly locks that seem huge and full of body but it really isn’t because u have the finest of strands so fine that my hair literally vanishes when I straighten it lol Since joining hair care boards online I started following the Curly Girl (CG) method which is a method where you use no shampoo on your hair and instead use conditioner! Grosss?? I felt the same way until I realized that conditioner does the trick just as well and my hair doesn’t need to go through harsh shampoos that will strip all it’s oils out of it! Will do a blog post on the CG METHOD just so you understand better lol!

Skeptical as I was to try yet another shampoo I still did and here’s is what I thought: Pros Shampoo feels super moisturizing Lathers just fine ( guess it’s got a low sulphate count) Left my hair smelling really nice

Con As I suspected my hair felt a bit too dry after I towel dried

Overall it’s a great shampoo for fine locks need extra volume, smells amazing and if you follow the CG method keep usage to at least twice a month;) Moving on to conditioners now that’s a department I totes love and my hair does too


Great slip and super moisturising

Smells really good Love the creamy/serum texture, not too slippery nor to heavy just right My hair was left super soft and hydrated after towel drying

I recommend this products and they work so well together! The shampoo cleans product build up really well and the conditioner re nourishes the hair so it’s a win win! The John Frieda range is available exclusively at Clicks! For a wider selection of all their collections visit their website and connect viaΒ twitter. Have you used John Frieda products before? What’s your fave JF product? Leave a comment and let me know of products I should try on my curly hair! Enjoy your weekend! 20140530-192650-70010718.jpg


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