Must Have: ♥ L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil

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I am such a sucker for hair oils, I mean they are really that great;) I like to pamper my hair with a good oil treatment either before shampooing, or overnight so that my hair can sip in all the nutrients and vitamins for the different oils!

Back in the days I would go to the store and get me all sorts of oils, make concoctions and smear all over my hair and roots!

Nowadays we have all sorts of brands making all sorts of hair oils, making it quick to use and just as efficient ( yay for the evolution, hey).. A lil while back I reviewed an amazing hair oil from the Matrix haircare line read all about it here.

Another oil grabbed my attention and it’s non other than L’Oreal Elvive Extrordinary Oil.

What L’Oreal says
L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil has been specially created to bring out the beauty of every hair type. The rich, non-greasy, and light formula offers an invisible veil over the hair without weighing it down. Floral extracts such as lotus oil, chamomile oil and rose oil nourish, protect,and soften the hair, while adding shine. It can be used every day to keep hair looking neat and fresh, before or after washing your hair, as a weekly treatment, or before colouring your hair.

It’s described as a 5-in-1 ‘Miracle Hair Perfector’ that can be used as a pre shampoo treatment before washing the hair , a styling finishing product to finish off your look and as deep treatment overnight which I love to do.
This award winning product provides 5 benefits:

1. ♥Gives hair a Glowing shine, totally agree
2. ♥Nourished the Hair
3. ♥Leaves hair silky soft
4. ♥Makes/leaves hair smooth
5. ♥Perfects dry truly hair

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

My Verdict
Firstly I am blown away at how amazing the oil smells, it smells of freshly cleaned hair and it lingers on until next wash, that is a huge plus. The oil is lightweight and doesn’t weigh my fine hair down and does not make it look greasy, sticky, or with any buildup either, leaves my hair shiny, softer, smooth and more manageable!

I like to apply it even on dry hair overnight specially to my ends so they stay moisturised and don’t damage or split… It feels a lot like a serum texture wise, probably because it contains

silicone but nonetheless an amazing product!

I am a sucker for beautiful packaging and this doesn’t disappoint, the bottle is made of glass ( how chic) it looks beautiful and expensive, come with pump dispenser that I love because you get the exact amount (around 3 /4 pumps) of product you need for your hair without any mess.

Overall, this a must have product, it’s a hair perfector, and all it’s amazing oils will have your hair screaming thank you;)

You can get this AMAZEBALLS oil at any leading retail store across the nation 100ml for R139,95

Will I Repurchase?
Heck yeah, its a cheaper alternative to Salon brands products but really worth the hype and inexpensive! I highly recommend.

Have you been using any hair oil? Which ones do you recomend? if you use this one what do you like most about it?

Thanks for reading



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