{Product Review}Ren Clean Skincare

20140218-070748.jpgHello Lovelies:)

Hope that all is well with you guys. I have been super busy since our move and have little time to blog, I keep them posts drafted and complete as I go along 🙂

So a month ago I tweeted my strong love for REN Clean Skincare products and to my surprise I was offered a facial by the REN spokesperson (much needed I tell ya).

Booked my facial with the lovely Lauren at the Cavendish Woolworths and the experience was an absolute BLISS.

Lauren did a little assessment on my skin once we got to the beauty room and like everywhere else I have combination skin, very dry on the T-Zone. Lauren is very knowledgeable about what she does and has passion for her work, she explained every product with great detail and finally recommended  the ones appropriate for my skin all that while doing the facial.

What REN says:

REN Clean Skincare gives you healthier, more beautiful skin that looks younger for longer.REN’s philosophy of Clean Skincare can be summed up in three words: Performance, Purity, Pleasure:


REN gives you groundbreaking product formulation, the latest hi-tech actives, rigorous product testing and clinically proven results.


REN uses only 100% plant and mineral derived actives and is free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients *.


We believe that the texture, fragrance and experience of using REN can make the world a slightly nicer place to be and make us feel slightly nicer being here.

What I say:

I am in complete awe, this range of products is Mucken Afazing to the T. Based on my experience during the facial and afterwards using the samples I am in LOVE, the products are all gentle on the skin including the detox mask with tends to tingle or burn on some other brands of products (not mentioning any names lol). Really non abrasive, smooth and lightly fragranced, honestly this is the best stuff ever like in ever seriously.

These are the samples I got from Lauren: (thank you REN)


Mayblossom T-zone Control Cleansing Gel

This is a nice lightweight cleasing  gel, doesnt sud loads hence really gentle on the skin. It leaves the skin fresh, well cleansed and lightly fragranced. One of the best cleansers I’ve tried.


Invisible Pores Detox Mask

This clay mask really stood out for me as its formulated to reduce the appearance of pore size and leave the skin purified, soothed and toned. It applies easily on the skin well enough before drying, its gentle, non abrasive and its a beauty to rinse off too. Leaving the skin refreshed and baby soft.


Vita Mineral Day Cream

The best  thing about this cream is the smell (smells so yummy) applies really smoothly and leaves my skin super hydrated and ready for any other product application: primer, makeup base, powder etc.


Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel

I do get puffy eyes and dark circles from all the lack of good sleep, and this gel does leave my eyes refreshed, the gel is so cool and I believe  that helps in easing the stress from the eyes area.  Not much different to other gels I have tried, but it does  help.

Final Verdict:

Ren delivers great quality and efficient products and I noticed a significant change on my skin using the samples I received. The one con is that they are not cost effective, a bit too pricey actually to be honest and although I want to repurchase the full size it will take me a while saving funds. The samples were too good and I want more lol

However, I totally recommend this range of products and I am a big fan of cruelty free products 100% free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients.

Stay in touch with Ren via Twitter, Facebook and Website. Be amazed by their wide range of skincare, bodycare and hair care products. I am definitely dying to try their Morocan Rose Otto Body Wash, so many great reviews 🙂

Have you guys used any of Ren’s products? which one is your favourite? what your skin care routine? Leave a coment below I love to read♡♡♡




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