Salsa available at Edgars

Hi Everyone
It’s been a while since my last post, I have been super busy moving houses and that can be so draining that I was literally finished. To say that I hate moving houses is an understatement and I vow not to move again lol! Anyway back to the post.
Today I wanna share with you the Portuguese denim brand SALSA! I have heard so many good things about this brand in particular their denim jeans! Friends of mine who have said that no jeans fits them the way the salsa jeans do, ( got me so curious as I LOVE jeans) I have heard things In the line of butt lifts and tummy tucks imagine how cool is that? so on one of my many trips to EDGARS ( love this shop so much) looking for fab fashion and cosmetics I saw the bold letters Salsa.


The internationally-renowned Salsa a Portuguese Denim Brand is known for its cutting-edge innovations in denim products and techniques that provide wearers with superior fits. With its modern washing techniques and hand-crafted styles, the highly fashionable Salsa denim items enhance well-being and allow for increased freedom of movement.

Salsa ranges for women and men are designed to act as a second skin. Whether they are pushing up, pushing in or sculpting, each fit is innovatively designed to enhance the wearer’s body – resulting in the “ideal” pair of jeans.

The names are so catchy and I believe every women should own a pair! I mean who doesn’t want a tummy tuck or a bitty lift effortlessly… Shall we look at their different collections of denims?


Morpho collection- Designed to ENHANCE your body


Body Collection- Designed to FIT your body


You can the perfect fit for your shape and look classy in these amazing pair of jeans!
Their prices range between R1600-R2000 and are available at selected Edgar’s stores nationwide!

I am still saving so that I can own my first pair lol! Has any of you bought them recently or looking to buy? If you own one how good are they? Let me know in the comment section…

*i do not take credits for any of the images in this post*

Till next post lots of kisses




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