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So Christmas is in two days time, really I still have to buy a few prezzies, wow how overwhelming and exciting, love Christmas so so much….

Ok when, I started blogging I had no idea it would turn out the best thing like ever, I remember I registered a blogger account but never did a post on it, until three months, something told me (a lil voice inside my head) just do it… and I did (yayyy). I got to meet a few lovely ladies and love all the support from every single reader and fellow blogger,, wth this is sooooo cool.

I got nominated by the amazing Leanke to do this tag, you can read her christmas tag here. Thank you hunny:) So Basically you have to answer a couple of Christmassy questions and then nominate other bloggers to do the same

1. What is your earliest Christmas memory?
The earliest I remember was at 6 years of age going into the woods with my parents and cut a real pine tree! We were so excited to get home and start decorating! This memory is so vivid feels just like yesterday awwww road down to memory lane.

2.What one toy/ gift can you remember through out all your Christmases?
I remember getting this gorgeous orange vacuum cleaner that I used to window shop like the whole year for and father Xmas gave it to me hahahahaha father daddy more like it!

3. What do you/ your family usually do to celebrate Christmas?
Our Christmasses have always been about food so much food enough to last until New Year’s Eve! We spent 3 days prior to christmas cooking and baking! And on Christmas Eve midnight the whole fam gathers around this huge filled with all delicacies and meals table wait  for  midnight to strike the clock and then we celebrate our first meal, toast and start unwrapping our prezzies with a name tag draw, where we draw a name and that person says who she bought for and why and that goes on until we can’t stay awake no more lol

4. How many days before Christmas does your decorating start? 
I start decorating the house on the 10th of December! I love the vibe and the feel it brings to my home! And take it down on the 10 January when we eat this cake with a hidden treasure inside! Some cakes come with gold chains and other things so it’s kind cool, to see you gets the treasure!

5. What is on your favorite Christmas menu?

I am half Portuguese and in our table won’t be complete without a whole roast pork, and the turkey with garnish stuffed on! Yummy I am drooling by typing this already! Scoop scoop lol


6. Have you ever had a white Christmas?
No! We always been in africa for Xmas, but I wanna do a white Xmas one day definitely! Canada, Europe, North America get ready for us!snowy Paris

7. What traditions will you continue on with your family (or future family)?
Staying awake till 12 am is hard in my kids so we celebrate in the morning and unwrap the prezzies in our pjs lol but the food and all the deserts that will carry on as long as I live!

8.Can you name Santa’s reindeer’s names? (without googling??)
Rudolph is the only one I know! I am sure my daughters know all of them.

9.It’s 5am on Christmas morning where can you be found?
In bed sleeping in total peace:)

10. Did you ever sneak a peak at your Christmas pressies when you were younger or now? 
Not that I remember! Actually this is so funny though I keep catching my daughter around the gifts trying to guess what’s inside lol, one of them has the wrapping slightly broken, and I keep telling her that Santa Claus is watching her naughtiness!

11.What would you love to get this year for Christmas?
I actually did a post on this question you can read here and if I must pick it will totally be the canon camera, and all girly things I like ohhhh Mac lipstick please Santa Claus! Ok this is greedy me I want win the canal walk 12000 shopping voucher.

12.What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas has always been family oriented for me! It’s all about being together, sharing the joy, gifts and the companionship. It’s a time to appreciate and value family! I live in a different country than my parents and most of my family and I miss them dearly, but I am blessed with an Amazing family of my own and we compliment each other.



I nominate:

Kashiefa from Lily Storm

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Vuthali from Ms Van Vee


Mary Lu from Love Mary Lu

Thanks for stopping by! show me some love, leave comments….


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