All I want for XMAS is: Mix of needs and wants


Happy Festive Season all, Hope that everyone  will have a much deserved rest and happy festive season with loved ones. As much as its season to give its certainly awesome to receive (anybody with me here?) I love to receive its a pity all boils down to Xmas but giving should be exercised throughout the year for just about any reason or occasion, its definitely an act I should invest more at, lol .  But like I said its good to receive, makes you feel that much special. This year I believe I have been good hope father xmas acknowledges that and therefore have put together a list of the lovely goods I am craving to have and would love to find under the tree.


1. New Balance Trainers

I am in need of new trainers, my puma trainers need a break shame, I want New Balance because I have tried them in store they are comfy, have a great choice of assorted colours and honestly look good on me.. Definitely a want with big W.

2. GHD V Wonderland  Styler

I fell in love with GHD a while back, its the flat iron that straightens my curls to perfection and with long lasting effect. Its a pricey tool but its last a lifetime with proper caring. What makes me want it even more is the fact that its purple and you can create versatile styles .

3. Canon Camera

I am not wanting the most expensive canon (by no means ) but I am lusting after a Canon semi professional camera so bad because I want to do more lookbook posts and cant really do it from my iphone. Besides that I love photography every moment needs to be captured, it tends to annoy some people around me but hey that’s me the photo cray cray chic. I will be happiest when I finally hold a baby like this in my hands. Ohhh I cant wait!

4. Kings & Queens Candle

This candles smell so yummy I cannot resist I bought one and now I want all of them! They come in gorgeous tins and are a must for any bathroom and lounge.  Their vibrant colors add an accent to your decor, honestly I want to walk in my house and just smell KINGS & QUEENS LOL.

5. Soap and Glory Bath Milk

This is one of those products that has me sold by their packaging alone. Pink happiness for me, I have not tried it yet and I know I wont be disappointed at all. Huge Want. Thumbs up to Rubybox for retailing this brand in SA

6. Hey Gorgeous Lip Scrub

Everything from this lines looks amazeballs, its natural and what I love the most about them is their names, I swear I believe my skin will be receiving some delish desert as treatment. OK that is some lust on another level. I NEED IT.

7. The Body Shop Body Butter

I am a devoted fan of The body Shop, the smell is incredible (not for everything tho :/) their butters provide lovely moisturisation and leave your skin lightly scented and just want the pink grapefruit body butter throughout summer.

8. Eos Lip Balm

I wish south africa  had EOS, still i cannot resist them, that cute egg shape just has something about it, my sister has one God knows where she got it, but i want , i want, i want one Importitall has them, someone please get them for me, Pleaaaaaaase.

9. Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Last but certainly not least this palette is perfect for me. I am not a heavy makeup wearer and what better than a Nude palette for my natural glow look! I love Catrice and this palette is no exception, good stocking filler and an absolute gain to my product stash.

I hope I am not too push but yeah I am dreaming of all this goods already.

What is your guys  Xmas wishlist?

Thanks for reading and till next post take care.



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