Review: Sorbet BB Cream


Hello dear Readers,

Today I am reviewing the Sobert BB cream that was launched earlier in November and has become a hit among most bloggers and beauty Addicts like myself πŸ™‚

So I have become aware of the benefit of Β using primers (read my post about primers here) to help your foundation last throughout the entire day. But honestly I am not Β one that wears foundation, so much so that i would use the primer on its own, that did not give me the perfect coverage and radiant complexion that I was looking for. That’s when I found out about about BB/CC creams and their function for face care regimen..

Now I have tried a couple (Maybelline, Essence Base, Garnier BB Cream) which are really good btw, Β but not in comparison to the Sorbet BB Cream πŸ˜‰


The Sorbet BB creams are available in 3 shades: Light, Medium, and Dark and picked out Dark at Clicks for R99.99 Β the product has a slight thick creamy consistency, just like that of a lotion but with brown pigment that helps cover up imperfections. The lotion smooths easily onto the face and has kind of a cooling effect which I like, its not greasyΒ therefore does not leave my face looking oily and best of all it has SPF count of 15,Β you know I am always on about sunscreens. Doubles points for the fragrance, its not too strong or anything funny just a pleasant scent.

This leaves my skin radiant, moisturized and with a Nude finish and I like the Natural look!


Its totally a favorite product (holy grail lol) and I recommend to anyone, the price is reasonable in relation to other bb creams available locally.

Whats your take on BB creams? Yay or Nay? Have you tried Sorbet BB Cream? Share your thoughts with me..

Thanks for reading




12 thoughts on “Review: Sorbet BB Cream

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