Mani Monday: Burberry Nails


Hey Lovely readers,  Hope yo all had an amazing weekend filled with lots of fun in the sun! So on todays Manicure Monday we going BURBERRY inspired and I am recreating the nail Tutorial by the very Elleandish a youtube vlogger that is my go to vlogger  for nail art inspiration!

Because its summer and with summer comes bold fashion statements I chose a vibrant red to stand out and really pop a with colour that is fit for the festive season.


 Prepared my nails,  applied a base coat to protect the nails and chose the LA Girls Nail Lacquer for all the nails and for the ring finger a beige nail bed to do the burberry ispired art.

I used a stripper nail polish cap and kept using the same for the different colours.

To make the stripes I used White, Black and Red, drawing them horizotally and vertically along the nail. Allowing enough time in between applications for the nail polish to dry.

To seal the designs I used Sally Hansen fast drying coat and with cotton cleaned off the nail polish around the nail for a clean finish!




20131203-102957.jpgThe finished look 🙂

Hope you guys like this mini post! what are your favourite manicures for summer? would you try this Burberry inspired nails?

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think…

Till next post keep well.


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