JO MALONE Store Opening at Canal Walk


Have you heard of Jo Malone??Jo Malone is an Englishwoman who wrote history in Beauty.Jo Malone even as a child, loved to put rose petals in water bottles and soaps always resulting in new mixtures.Years later as a florist,she loves experimenting in her kitchen during the night, mixing several different flowers and herbs. Enjoys gifting her friends with her creation bath oils. That’s where it all started and their creations arrived at the best addresses in London.

Thereafter, the brand expanded internationally. The brand represents three lines, colognes, perfumes and body oils and  famous candles .The idea of perfumes, is to be able to create your own perfume by blending two or more different perfumes resulting in a single scent.

This is so exciting because now a whole store dedicated to Jo Malone is soon to be opening at Canal Walk  and I can just imagine the whole isle around the shop smelling like perfume and flowers as we walk past it, actually as the smell calls us into the shop lol.

Lets jump right at what we can expect from the store and I believe you will be tempted, everything is so Beautiful, chick and classic, They make perfect gifts and dont even need wrapping because their bags are so pretty.  They are absolutely great for bathroom decor and I cant Wait for the shop to open.

So what can we expect form Jo Malone?


Every Jo Malone™ fragrance starts with a story. An inspiration. Whether that’s breaking open sun-warmed figs on a Tuscan terrace or breathing in the scent of English spring flowers after the rain. Each cologne belongs to a distinct fragrance family. And the choice is delicious and diverse. Citrus. Fruity. Light Floral. Floral. Spicy. Woody. All of them encompassing creations of ingenuity and transparency. Fresh, modern scents with unexpected twists. Whatever your personality or mood, you can express it, underline it and define it with a
Jo Malone™ cologne.







Flickering, aromatic candles are truly something to savour. They wreathe a room with wonderful scents and decorate it with dancing light. Suffusing the air with mood-lifting fragrances. Whether you want to create an aura that’s calm and contemplative or welcoming and sociable, these candles are a touch of luxury for every day. Burn time 45 hours.




Uplifting scents. Luxurious lather. Our sparkling body & hand washes, all infused with delicious fragrance, gently cleanse and subtly scent your skin. What’s more, they infuse the room with a delicate mist of revitalising fragrance. Breathe in. Begin afresh.


OMG do all the products look Cute or what? I am so excited for the opening of the store and honestly what better gifts for festive season at our door steps.. btw they dont even need to be wrapped, their bags make impressive gift packaging…

To know more about Jo Malone products check their website here. Enjoy the temptation.

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