Glam up with Accessories

Gucci-fashion-accessories-1So, Guys I am an accessories girl, accessories reflect your personality and should always be in tune with what you’re wearing, what suits you and your individual style. I feel that they add an wow effect to our daily look. Accessories can transform a  boring outfit to chic and help bring focus on some of our best features.

I love accentuating my looks with rings, belts, sunnies, earrings, necklaces, scarves, bracelets, hats, gorgeous heels, bags/clutches, headbands etc. Something about accessories makes onlookers stare twice 😉 you name it i like to go wild and stand out.

Its important to add a pop of color to neutral looks and vise-versa. I have put together ideas on items that can help glamourise  your style and reflect the beautiful and unique person in you.




MIX N MATCHThis are just a few ideas that I have selected from stores that I normally shop from. Basically I am just showing how color can be incorporated to our style at quite affordable prices.

Mr price is my GO TO for fashion store, I on the other hand love to mix and match and catch some amazing sales that happen on certain occasions (always on the Watch).

Oh btw dont forget that a smile is one of your best accessories and its freeeeee 😉

Thanks for reading.

Let me know what your favorite accessories are? please comment I love reading from others.



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