Products I am Enjoying this Month [Haul]

Hey Lovely Ladies,

So today i wanna share, now this products are really efficient to me wouldn’t say they are my holy grail goodies but they are doing somewhat wonders to my skin and therefore makes me in turn feel radiant and fresh throughout the day πŸ™‚

I am such a product junkie, I literally live to shop lol, I cant see a pretty packaging, cute colors, writings and ohhhh by the way anything that says moisture, hydration has me SOLD. I have dry/combination skin, dry nails and the driest curly hair (seriously I do) on the planet so MOISTURE IS KEY πŸ™‚

Ok, so lets get started:Image

Yardley Makeup Remover: This is a fresh, cooling liquid that sorts my eyes out every evening to remove my Β mascara, its really gentle, what I do is dab some on a cotton ball and apply to my eyes leave for a couple of seconds and gently wipe off and remove all the mascara.

Obey Your Body Peeling Gel: I use this to give my skin a well deserved treat, I use it twice a week, what this does is removes all the dead skin and toxic build up from your skin, leaving it fresh and very smooth like a baby’s skin, ready for the daily fight (lol) PS: fights and protects against ageing spots

Eucerin Aquaporin Active Moisturizing Cream: So I mentioned above how moisture is key for me, this cream hydrates my skin and plus it contains SPF 15 earning double points:) my skin tends to produce so much oil and leaves me looking like a fatkoek (;/) but with this cream i will blot my skin once throughout the day and thats it well actually triple points for the added oil control benefit.

Nyx Spring Fling Palette: I got this at clicks for 149.99 rands and what a bargain for 12 eye shadows, 2 lip glosses, 2 blushes. I am loving the blushes a lot, the pigmentation is nice for accentuated color you just reapply.Β 

Labello Lip Butter: Β Moisture once again for my lips with this lip butter it smells so yummy I could eat it while keeping my lips crack free.

Cala foundation Brush: I have tried a couple of brushes and none like this. For a flawless finish and complete coverage this is it.Β 


Dirty Works Body Wash: After seeing this on numerous blogs and instagram posts, I actually wonder why have I never grabbed one before (damn) oh well so glad i did now and love it. I smells so nice, lathers soft bubbles and my skin thanks me after I am done πŸ™‚ Will try some of their other stuff.

Nivea Firming Gel Cream: Β I love this gel its so fresh and after using it for a couple of weeks I can see results. Firmer thighs and buttocks, smoother as well and all without the extra massage ( Lazy days are gone)


Borjoux Nail Enamel Remover: This nail polish remover smells so sweet and contains no acetone. Gently removes polish without drying out your nails exactly what i needed.

Sally Hensen Nail Growth Miracle: My nails tend to crack and split from all the nail polish applications, so I use this as my base before any application and my nails are starting to come alive and this also helps not stain nails when using dark colored nail polishes.


Macadamia Oil Moisture Mask: I have been waiting for this line for so long and when I heard that Foschini has thei Went and got it lol this smells so goooooooooood and even after rinsing it off the smell still lingers on. It makes my dry hair supper soft to the touch and hydrates my hair like no other. This tub is almost finished need to go and get some more.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask: I bought this mask online from Bath and Unwind after so many good reviews that I have seen online and I swear this stuff works miracles, it is a deep conditioner that is strong in protein for when your hair is weak and in need of a boost. I only use it like once a month just to replenish the protein in my hair and really love it and my hair does too. I dont want it to finish at least the Organix treatment will stand in once its finished.

Guys all my products are available locally unless I say otherwise… Clicks and Dischem stock most of the stuff and when I shop online i normally useΒ and Bath and UnwindΒ for overseas brands.

Hope you guys have a fabulous Thrusday and thanx for reading.



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