Peek into my Bag#1


This is my very first Whats in my Bag Post, I totally enjoy this post tag and have seen so many beautiful bag insides on Youtube, Blogs and since I am blogging too its only fair that I get to post my very much own “Whats in my Bag”post 🙂


The bag I am currently using s the Guess by Guess bag I got for a bargain of two for R1400 @ Access Park in Kenilworth and I love it so much. Quite spacious on the inside, with pockets for little items i.e. keys, lipglosses etc.

PS i love brown items and really this back goes with most of what is in my “wardrobe” 😉

So come on, lets see what lives without paying any rent in my bag lol and hopefully this way you can get to know a little more about me:


  1. Sunnies: I got this from the glamour mag november issue and think they are really cool and a big must for summer.
  2. Wallet: This wallet I bought quite a while bag at Nine West, its getting old actually (new a replace). I keep all my important cards (bank, shops,rewards, cashback you name it), keep my small change, pics of my lovely family, and some mula hehehe
  3. Lentheric Deoderant: I love Vanilla, which I really love, just to get refreshed throughout the day if need be.
  4. Hand Sanitiser : Oh so heavenly waterless wash from Clicks.
  5. Nivea sunscreen: This one is SPF 50+ and I really need it that strong (sun damage a big no no)
  6. Hand lotion:  Woolworths hand lotion vanilla scent (can you tell i love vanilla?)
  7. Mascara: I enjoy my lashes big and long and love to touch them up with my Lorea’l False Lash Wings for that false lashes look (cacthing).
  8. Iphone 5: This definitely has to come along with me everywhere I go, this way I am updated on the go. I do not have a notepad so I use my notes tab (shopping list, groceries, wishlist etc) My e-mails get read instantly, totally a life saver.
  9. Car keys: I drive a Peugeot 307 and love it.
  10. Lip care: I bring along with me my lip hydration, currently I am using Baby lips and thank God they are now available at Clicks and bought all 3 at once (afraid of regret no stock available :p), my Revlon lip butter in the Juicy Papaya #027, Labello Lip butter in the strawberry scent.
  11.  Cettua Oil control Tissue: My skin tends to overproduce sebum and with this I control the oilyness through the day.
  12. Mentos Bubblegum:  Last but no least gums to keep my breath fresh in between snacks 🙂

This is preety much what I have in my bag at the moment, it might change due to new craves, but ya hope you love it and if you have done a similar post do comment or post you link so that I can see what’s in your bags…

Thanks for reading xoxoxoxo


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