[M]November hits 2013


Its already November really???? just yesterday literally we were so afraid, it least I was scared of the unknown,would the world really end? would the end really be in 2012 and look at us today NOVEMBER, to say that timeΒ flies is just not enough… Its been such a roller coaster year for me and better things are yet to come and I am waiting PATIENTLY πŸ™‚ I went out and got my hands on the November issue of GLAMOUR which I love without a doubt, i get so much inspiration from this magazine, be it in fashion, skin care, hair care and styling tools, products, fragrance, you name it amongst all sorts of other topics.. I got this Glamour specially because of the Freebie sun glasses Β inside the pack and boy do i need sunnies lol to protect my eyes from our lovely summer rays.


Kerry Washington grabbed my attention with her smoking red hot lips and I have actually seen movies of her that I liked, she also has amazing style she always rocks the red carpet glammed up deluxe..

Inside the magazine I loved the following articles/style tips and could resist sharing it.

1.Nivea in-shower Body Moisturiser

Now from my previous post you can tell that I am a conditioner freak when it comes to my hair, i love that sleep conditioner gives my hair, that softness, supple feeling to the touch, no w to feel that all over your skin is double points ❀ ❀ I have not tried it yet but am so anxious to do so and will do a review once I try it out just to know if its worth it and how my skin reacts to it. πŸ™‚


2. Blush on tips

Blush just gives your face that glow for summer, gives you that glare and radiance, now this article gives you options and ideas on the right items to pick of blushes to accentuate your beauty, I personally love the just peachy which i believe goes with my skin tone and off i go to the shop looking for that just peachy blush.


3. Sun Block a true must

No amount of sunblock is ever enough its a on the go essential beauty item, needing to be reapplied occasionally Β and protects the skin from damaging uva and uvb rays and helps prevent pigmentation marks eventually. Currently I am using the Nivea sunblock with SPF 50 I really need it that high lol and for after sun i have the Garnier after sun lotion for a cool refreshed skin. Below are amazing ideas on available sunscreens to try out.


5. Summer Scents

To smell nice is just the cherry on top of the cake… I just love perfume if I could own every possible scent or perfume available in the market I would, I just cant get enough of it. Below are some ideas for summer, I normally go for fresh fruity citrus tones/notes in summer just to keep that balance from the hot air. And to get a compliment on how you smell is enough to make my day.


Apart from my main focus the magazine is beautiful to read has so many good articles on various topics, plus competitions on amazing prizes. I have been reading Glamour religiously every month and am always pleased with it….

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment or add your favorite stories from this fab mag.

Huge Hugs


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