Rosy Rose Water Benefits


Rose water is a wonderful treasure of skin-beautifying qualities that can go a long way in making your skin beautiful and gorgeous naturally. Rose water works as a facial cleanser, toner, astringent and moisturizer for your face, which can save your precious cash that you spend on buying costly cosmetics. I have been using Rose Water (from Dischem) on my face as a toner and on my hair in a hair spritz mixture that i made ( which i love during the dry/summer weather).

Below are a couple of benefits of rose water incorporated in a healthy skin regimen.

Kick start your every morning with splashing rose water on your face. You will feel a jolt of freshness just after waking up. It will enliven your mood instantly.

Soak up a cotton ball in rose water and wipe clean your face with this. It will remove all traces of grime and make up from your face leaving your face smelling fresh and captivating all day. So from now on, start using rose water as a face cleanser daily.

Rose water is a great face toner for you. . If used regularity, this natural toner can help dry up pimples fast and fade its marks too.

When it comes to treating blemishes, rose water comes to your rescue. Mix rose water, curd, cucumber juice and sandal wood powder together and dab on your face; keep it for 20 minutes. This facial mask is a great aid in lightening your skin tone and removing all sorts of facial blemishes that include dark spots, pigmentation and acne marks.

You can mix rose water in any facial mask you use. Just replace rose water in place of plain water and see how your face glows like a rose naturally.

Add some glycerin to rose water and use it as a moisturizer.
Just dabbing rose water on your pimples, rashes and other skin irritations works to heal the condition.

After shampooing your hair, you can massage rose water on your hair to condition it the natural way.

Mix rose water in your regular shampoo to get soft and fresh hair. Massaging your hair with rose water promotes hair-growth.

Pour rose water into your eyes to rid them of all impurities and dirt. What is more, pouring rose water into the eyes makes them sparkling and clear. Do it daily and see the results instantly.

Mix rose water to your bath water to hydrate and freshen up your skin that exudes a captivating aroma all day long.

Just smear rose water on your dark circles daily. You will notice a visible reduction in your dark circle.

So there you go all the benefits are really worth trying it out. xoxox


3 thoughts on “Rosy Rose Water Benefits

  1. I would love to hear more about your hair spritz mixture… Any chance you’ll be writing a post about it? ( sorry about the other comment it seems wordpress is spastic this morning :P)


    • Hey Janete

      Thanks for your comment, yes I will do a post about a DIY hair spritz mix for moisture during summer months, keep watching this space! You actually sparked the idea cor me lol!



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